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      makebootfat - History For makebootfat

makebootfat Version 1.4 2005/03
      ) Fixed a memory leak.

makebootfat Version 1.3 2005/02
      ) Minor fixes at the documentation.

makebootfat Version 1.2 2005/02
      ) Added support for syslinux 3.xx with the new
            -Y option. This removes the limitation of 1 GB
            on FAT filesystems.
      ) The Linux version now suggests to switch to root if
            searching for usb devices results in "Access Denied"
      ) Added a new -Z option to force ZIP-Disk compatibility.
      ) Added a minimal write cache to speedup the writing process.

makebootfat Version 1.1 2004/12
      ) The mbrfat sector now prints the type and geometry of
            the drive.
      ) Minor fixes at the documentation.
      ) Fixed a minor problem in the Windows SetupDiGetProperty()
      ) Removed the 4GB limit creating FAT32 partition in 32 bit
            Linux systems.

makebootfat Version 1.0 2004/06
      ) First version.

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